Vaishnav books in English for children between ages 3-13

Now You Can Buy Single Book As Well

Shri Aniruddhlalji Mahoday Shri

About Vaishnav Publications

Vaishnav Publications is a Non–Profit organization registered in USA under the pious guidance of Vallabhkul Acharya Shri Aniruddhlalji Mahodayshri. The NPO is publishing Vaishnav books in English language  in USA, Canada, India, UK and Europe. Vaishnav parents living in these countries can order books through this portal and get hard copies of the books shipped at their doorstep.


We have age appropriate books for children between ages 3-13.To be precise,we have 11 sets of 12 books each (this means a total 132 books) for your child.Vaishnav parents have to select the age of their child on this website and we will send a set of 12 books (We do not sell single or loose books) which suits your child’s age. For example a 3 year old child will receive 12 books with easy sentences, big letters and colorful pictures whereas a teen aged child will get 12 books which suits his/her intelligence. The content of the books changes according to the age of the child. The books and gifts have been designed by Vallabhkul Acharya Shri Aniruddhlalji keeping in mind the children of Vaishnavs.

Along with the books, your child will get Vaishnav specific games and puzzles as well. They include 8-piece, 11-piece, 24-piece, 48-piece and 84-piece jigsaw puzzles (which are given according to the age of the child). The game of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ based on Pushtimarg, Crosswords, Word-seek-puzzles, Spot-the-diffirence, Join-the-dot puzzles and various other board games.  Apart from the games, Vaishnav-specific gifts like calendars, frames, room posters, door-knob-handles too have been designed.

The idea is pretty simple–No matter wherever you are, if your child is between ages 3-13, buy him/her a set of 12 books. The foreign-specific syllabus will help your child have a better understanding of Vaishnavism. The child will know stories of Shrinathji, Mahaprabhuji and Lord Krishna.

It is a well-known fact that children take ‘sanskaar’ till the age of 13. After that, they become an independent individual having his/her own mind. Children below the age of 13 are like wet soil–you can shape them as you want. Once the soil dries up, nothing can be done.

So Vaishnav Parents, its now or never!

A comprehensive, age-wise list of the books your child will get is given below.

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